Buying Black

“Buying Black” supports the International Building Your Economic Legacy Entrepreneurship and the Black Dollar 365 program target. This initiative highlights and promotes African-American owned businesses by encouraging support and leveraging the power of the black dollar 365 days a year.

Chicagoland Black-Owned Eateries

5 Loaves Eatery405 E. 75th St., Chicago
Abundance Bakery  105 E. 47th   St. , Chicago
Ain’t She Sweet Café   526 E. 43rd St. , Chicago
Akhirah’s Praline Candy & Coffee House1845 S. State St, Chicago
Batter and Berries2748 W. Lincoln, Chicago
Brown Sugar Bakery328 E. 75th St., Chicago
Cajun Connoisseur4317 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago
Chicago Chicken and Waffles 3947 S. King Dr., Chicago
Crazy Crab9204 S. Western, Evergreen Park, IL
Dat Donuts8251 Cottage Grove, Chicago
FriiStyle 5059 S. Prairie Ave, Chicago
Full Slab8340 S. Stony Island, Chicago
Garifuna Flava Caribbean: A Taste of Belize2516 West 63rd St., Chicago
Give Me Some Sugah2234 E. 71th St., Chicago
Ja’ Grill 1510 E. Harper Ct., Chicago
Lem’s311 E 75th St., Chicago
Leon’s BBQ & Grill1528 E. 63rd St., Chicago
Let’s Get Poppin’ Inc11758 S. Western Ave, Chicago
LiteHouse Whole Food Grill1660 E. 55th St., Chicago
Mikkey’s Retro Grill8126 Stony Island Ave., Chicago
Mikkey’s Retro Grill5519 S. Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago
Ms. Biscuit5431 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago
Norman’s Bistro 1001 E. 43rd St., Chicago
Original Soul Vegetarian203 E. 75th St., Chicago
Peach’s at Currency Exchange Café  305 East Garfield Blv., Chicago
Peach’s Restaurant  4652 S. King Dr., Chicago
Pearl’s Place 3901 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago
Rickette’s 8601 S. Stony Island Ave., Chicago
Shawn Michelle’s Chur46 E. 47th St., Chicago
Sip & Savor5301 S. Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago
Sip & Savor 528 E. 43rd St., Chicago
Slab BBQ1918 E. 71st, Chicago
Slice of Bronzeville 4655 S. South King Dr., Chicago
Soule1931 W. Chicago, Chicago
Sweet Maple1339 W. Taylor, Chicago
The Soul Shack1368 E. 53rd St, Chicago
Truth Italian 56 E. Pershing Rd. , Chicago
Two Fish Crab Shack 643 E. 47th St., Chicago
Uncle Joe’s Jerk Chicken1461 E. Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago
Virtue1462 E. 53rd St., Chicago